• AdministrationDescriptionFile
    WSVNational RIS related activities, Germanypdf
    SVPStatus report, Slovakiapdf
    RSOEStatus report, Hungarypdf
    MMATIStatus report, Croatiapdf
    PlovputStatus report, Serbiapdf
    EAEMDRStatus report, Bulgariapdf
    MoTStatus report, Czech Republicpdf
    AFDJStatus report, Romaniapdf
    ONMA/SHSStatus report, Ukrainapdf
    ISBRCSava Commission Activitiespdf


  • ProjectDescriptionFile
    CEF – HungaryWaterway management projects co-funded by CEF Programmepdf
    FAIRway DanubeFirst Implementation Step for FRMMPpdf
    FAST DanubeRevising the Feasibility Study, RO – BGpdf
    HyQ DanubeHydrometric stations network in Romaniapdf
    PAXLSTExperiences gained by using PAXLSTpdf
    ACNModernization on the locks, Danube – Black Sea Canalpdf
  • CompanyDescriptionFile
    GSAEuropean GNSS in Inland Waterwayspdf
    Kongsberge-Navigation and Kongsbergpdf
    PeriskalPeriskal Grouppdf
    SealiteRiver Navigation Safety, the Sealite waypdf
    KentronKentron Technologiespdf
    iC GroupiC Group of Companiespdf
    AlberdingAlberding Solution for Inland Navigationpdf
    SevenCsImprove safety and efficiency of pilotage operations, an integrated approachpdf
    ANCOMWorld Radio Communication  Conferencepdf
    Marine ResearchAbout Marine Researchpdf