List of used abbreviations:

Code Description
BICS (BinnenvaartInformatie en CommunicatieSysteem) Electronic reporting system
CCNR Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine
CADSES Central Adriatic Danubian South-Eastern European Space
CARDS Community of Assistance for Reconstruction, Democratisation and Stabilisation
CBC Cross borderco-operation
CEMT Conference Européenne des Ministres de Transport
CEVNI Code Europeen des voies de la Navigation Interieure
COMPRIS Consortium Operational Management Platform River Information Services
CRORIS Croation River Information Services
DC DanubeCommission
DRLWL´96 Danube Reference Low Water Level from 1996
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DGNSS Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
DoRIS Donau River Information Services
D4D Data Warehouse for Danube Waterway
DTM Digital Terrain Model
D&E Dissemination and Exploitation
ECDIS Electronical Chart Display and Information System
ENC Electronic Navigational Chart
ERI Electronic Reporting International
ERDF European Regional Development Fund
FP5 Fifth Frame Programme
GIS Geographic Information System
GLW (Gleichwertiger Wasserstand) German reference low water
GPS Global Positioning System
HSW Highest Shipping Height of water
HMI Human-maschine-interface
IALA International Organisation of Maritime Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities
INDRIS Inland Navigation Demonstrator for River Information Services
ISPA Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession
IT Information Technology
JTS Joint Technical Secretariat
LAT Lowest Astronomical Tide
LP Lead Partner
MARIS Magyar River Information Services
MLLWS Mean Low Low Water Spring
MOT Ministry of Transport
NAP (NIEUW AmsterdamsPeil) Dutch gravitational reference level
NMS Non Member States
NN (Normal Null) German gravitational reference level
NtS Notices to Skippers
OLR (Overeengekomenlagerivier) Dutch reference low water
PHARE Poland and Hungary Action for Restructing of the Economy
PIANC International Navigation Association
PIM Personal Information Manager software
PP Project Partner
RIS River Information Services
RNW (Regulierungsniederwasser) Danube reference low water
RTK Real-Time Kinematic positioning
R&D Research and Development
SENC System Electronic Navigational Chart
SQL Structured Query Language
SLOVRIS Slovakia River Information Services
TACIS Transport and Energy Infrastructure in South Eastern Europe
TEN Trans European Network
TEN-MIP Multi Annual Programme for Trans European Networks
T&T Tracking and Tracing
UN/ECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
WP Work Package
XML Extensible Markup Language